Tuesday, May 1, 2012

dolla dolla bill y'all

May hath begun—and I’m kicking my fundraising efforts into high gear.

AFS ain’t cheap. Actually, that’s even an understatement, I’d say. Tuition for ten months in French Belgium is $13,500, and I’ll also need another $1,000 for my expenses DURING my exchange. So $14,500. I’ve never even dreamed of spending that much money on a single thing--but I truly understand the value of the experience I'm about to begin, and I'd do anything to have it. (As long as it didn't involve breaking the law or losing limbs.)

But fortunately, I’ve already managed to knock a huge chunk out of that. Through AFS, I’ve received three scholarships, and I personally have saved a little over $1,000 working at Ben Franklin and MindFair Books in Oberlin.

I’m down to $10,625.

That’s still a lot, but it’s some how relieving to know that I’m even the littlest bit closer.

A single mother raised my brother and me. When I was four, my mom decided to start her own business—a bookstore. In 9/10 situations, I don’t considered this a hindrance, but in this case, it sort of is. We’ve never had a lot of money, or anything. But the #1 thing I admire about my mother is the way she never lets anything keep us from getting what we need. When I needed $200 to go to Columbus for Model UN, she got it for me.  When I needed braces, she figured out a way to pay for it.

But $10,625?! She’s not just going to find that for me, you know? I have to raise it. I’ll have all the help I need, but I’m going to have to find it for myself.

My plan, very simply, is to work my butt off.

First of all, I’ve kick started a baking initiative. I’m going to be all over the place, selling people cookies. (Today’s were peanut butter… a little over cooked which bothered me, but eh. Tonight I’m making sugar with M&Ms.) And, maybe popcorn, too—but that plan’s still a work in progress.

I’ve also got fundraisers coming up: “Postcards from the Underground” and a tea.

I’m sending out a fundraising letter to everyone who might want to give me a little money—whatever they can give. That’s amazing.

Lastly, though: Sponsor and AFSer. AFS offers an option where student can use their blog to raise money. We just have to get people to check out our blogs, and people can simply donate. It’s safe—the money goes through PayPal and is directly applied to my account. 

 To sponsor my AFS program now, please click the ChipIn! button.

Thank you so much<3

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