Friday, December 21, 2012

quatre mois

Four months ago today, I left home... it's crazy that so much time as passed while I still feel like I've done so little here. But I have learned that I should fear the most beautiful moments of my lives slipping by us while I hardly notice. And the later, have it dawns on me and wish that I could go back.

Right after AFS accepted me, I set this goal... To not take anything in Belgium for granted. I made it a promise to myself for this trip. I haven't lived in the moment since I got here or taken every opportunity that I've been given and I haven't loved every second of my time here. But I'm grateful for each of those seconds, waiting in the rain, sitting in math class, getting to know my family or drinking beer with friends. After all that I know I'm on the right track.

And today, I want to make a second promise to myself, for more than the rest of this trip. Today I'm promising myself that for the rest of my life, I will work to take nothing for granted, and if I ever catch myself doing so, I'll immediately readjust.

When I'm old, I won't reflect back on my life wondering where the time went. I'll know exactly where it went and remember that I lived my life.

Today I promise myself that.

Friday, December 14, 2012


In Belgium, St. Nicholas Day is a much better deal than in the United States. I got candy from St. Nicholas on many different occasions, but this was the plate that my host family gave me.

AFS Liege had a Potluck to celebrate St. Nicholas Day and also say goodbye to all of our students who were only staying for three months. I sat on St. Nicholas' lap! Everyone was supposed to bring a some food from their country. I made cheese cake with speculoos crust instead of graham crackers, which turned out well. Another American though, made Pigs in a Blanket! Never been so happy.
  Recently, my host family got firewood delivered. The picture doesn't really accurately depict just how much firewood there really is.